Local/regional voice communication

Local/regional voice communication


In case of major regional events, many resources are often needed at the same time in one place. An appropriate coverage of a certain area, can be achieved by setting up a mobile base station which reinforces the coverage provided by the rest of the nationwide network, specifically for that area.

With the deployment of a mobile or portable base station you benefit from:

  • a strong signal in a certain area which is important especially for handheld devices.
  • additional timeslots for more simultaneous calls or transmissions.
  • resources for voice calls, text messaging and geolocation.
  • the possibility to connect the mobile base station to the fixed network. This allows the communication over longer distances (eg. countrywide)
  • a dedicated base station only for that certain region and the needed services.


TechnologyDigital Mobile Radio (DMR)
Frequency band400-470MHz
Channel width12,5kHz
Channel accessTime Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
VocoderDVSI AMBE+2


The base station is completely built in a ruggedized case with weels. So it can be brought to its destination by foot or loaded on to a vehicle for transportation. As the setup is very simple, it allows us to integrate the base station into the antenna system of a vehicle. This results in a fully independant mobile base station, without the requirement to have a look for a power source and an emplacment for an external mast.

All our equipment is based on a professional digital radio standard called “Digital Mobile Radio” (DMR). The connection between the base stations is made over “Internet Protocol” (IP). The used technologies allow us to be very flexible in deploying the equipment.