As a LEMCIT partner, you may bring in your knowledge and members to the LEMCIT community. On the other hand, you will benefit from the community’s knowledge around emergency communications and more. With LEMCIT you’ll be able to share and use resources within the community.

The main purpose of your organisation makes you eligible for a partnership if it is in a direct relation to LEMCIT’s main purpose: emergency communications.

HOW To become a pARTNER?

To get a partner and bring in your members, you need to achieve the partner ship. Please find below some further details.

In order to become a LEMCIT partner, your organisation needs to get a membership. This can be requested by filling out the application form for organisations. As mentioned above the main purpose of your organisation must be related to emergency communication. If you are not sure about this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

As the need for resources directly depends on the size of your organisation, the annual fee is linked to the count of your members. To calculate the annual fee, please use this formula:

Annual fee (€) = 100 + 1.5 * (N-50)

where N is the count of members in your organisation. please note that the minimum fee is 100€ and the maximum is 1000€.

With the conclusion of a partnership, you can bring in your up to 10 of your own members. They need to obtain an “individual membership”, which can be requested by the application form for individuals. An annual fee of 10€ will be charged to your organisation, in order to provide equipment and other resources to this member.

Please request the necessary application forms on: